One of our clients, a world leader in the transportation and logistics industry, has as a main business objective to reduce its operating costs over the next few years to become more competitive. Faced with this critical issue, the company's management needed to identify the best strategies to achieve this. It is in this context that our client has used our services to help them distinguish projects in which to invest as a priority and align the vision of executives.

Our achievements

Our team of strategy advisors have chosen to use the combination of the OVAR method and the Balanced Scorecard method to address this issue. To do this, we conducted a series of strategic alignment workshops with each of the executive officers. The consolidation of the results of these workshops led to the emergence of a consensus on the objectives to be achieved, the strategies to be followed, the performance indicators for each of the objectives, and finally the projects to be prioritized. We documented this in concrete deliverables, namely strategic grids - one for each executive officer - and a strategic dashboard for senior management.


These achievements had a major impact on the activities of our client, who finally decided to invest in the projects that were identified as priorities, with the consensus of the entire management team, whose members finally shared a common vision. This business strategy support provided a solid foundation for all subsequent projects, including business intelligence and analytics initiatives.

Key figures
  • 24 strategic alignment workshops worldwide
  • 8 strategic grids delivered to executives
  • 12 key performance indicators identified
  • 15 projects identified as strategic and priority at a global level
  • 1 dashboard delivered for senior management
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