Our client, a major player in the Telecom industry in the province of Quebec, wants to take advantage of Big Data technologies over the next few years. With this in mind, business lines, like IT, must be able to deliver and operate Big Data solutions, including: assimilating tools, languages and best practices, adapting architecture, building a realistic vision in line with the potential of the data sources and the strategic plan, and revisiting the operating model. Before taking the plunge, our client asked us to educate their teams in order to facilitate the transition and start the Big Data initiative on the right foot.

Our achievements

In a first phase, we proposed to our client to gather the key actors of this transformation for an awareness session with a simple agenda: to discover the ecosystem and to understand the contribution and impact of Big Data on the current assets and the organization. In a second phase, we facilitated workshops with business lines and IT to define a roadmap allowing the former to define an experimental approach and for the latter to figure an appropriation approach for the team's collaborators who were business intelligence experts at that time.


Many projects fail, not for technical reasons, but because the natural resistance to change of stakeholders has been treated as a secondary factor, or even ignored. Big Data does not escape this observation. Its newness and relative complexity only increase the risk of failure. Our awareness project demystified Big Data for this client, created the need for change, and encouraged individuals and teams to participate together in this major transformation. We have also helped our client gain confidence in the potential of Big Data and enabled its decision-makers to make consistent plans and investments with respect to the associated costs and expected benefits.

Key figures
  • 15 key transformation actors sensitized
  • 1 confident and change-oriented team
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