Our client, a major player in Quebec’s insurance market has appointed us to improve their 360 customer approach which had encountered several challenges related to scattered data sources and data volumes too big for traditional BI technologies. Appointed by the Analytics and Data department of the company, our mission was to deliver, within 3 months, a big data proof of concept that would serve as a template for big data implementations within the company.

Our achievements

The achievement of the project first required the big data training of the client’s team through tailor made workshops given by our dedicated team. Afterwards, we were able to ensure the client team’s skill set development through a tight knit collaboration between both teams despite a geographical distance of 250km.

In the end, we delivered a big data treatment platform that included an ingestion platform for various sources of data, data lake storage, standardization capabilities and for general data accessibility. This new environment generates data treatment time savings, gives easier data management and also enables access to new sources of data.


The demonstration of the many advantages of a big data environment (time-saving, accessibility, ease of use) has triggered a lot of enthusiasm from several strategic business lines of the company.

Key figures
  • 5 agileDSS consultants + 3 client team members
  • 16 VM Azure
  • 20 teams involved
  • 500 millions of lines
  • 1,4 Tera in the datalake vs 8 Tera with traditional BI
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