Our client, the Engineering IT department of the world's leading automotive equipment company, asked for our help as part of a major project to redesign the Product Life Management. The company wanted to be able to trace all change requests from their customers - the car manufacturers - during the product design cycle. This was done to carry out impact assessments of these changes on the other affected departments (R & D, purchasing, etc.) and to improve operational efficiency. By doing this, the goal was to set up a dashboard for all production sites around the world.

Our achievements

For this large dashboarding project, we accompanied the customer in the project team constitution, the needs analysis, the project management and the choice of the architecture. The first challenge was to lead workshops with the different teams and understanding their respective needs and find a convergence in these needs – all while trying to bring out common business rules. The second challenge we encountered was finding a way to work with data from two different and complex systems: manufacturing data from Enovia PLM, and SAP operational data. Once the architecture had been defined, we proceeded to the installation and administration of the chosen solution (MicroStrategy). Finally, we developed a dashboard test version for the pilot factory, then for VPs, Managers and Change Requests Managers from all factories (progressive deployment to worldwide factories).

MicroStrategy being a complete new tool for the client, we also conducted many training sessions to help teams building their skills, and to ensure the tool adoption on the business side as well as IT.


The dashboard we developed allowed our client to have a vision of their processes from start to finish, and to improve their operational efficiency. The visibility on the history of change requests helped to identify bottlenecks in the design process and allowed to support the right teams to respect customer’s delivery dates. Finally, the client has now a better cost control and a greater customer satisfaction. However, this project is only the first brick of a greater long-term vision: the next objective is to move towards more granularity of data to build an automatic alert system through a prescriptive model.

Key figures
  • 1000 person-days
  • 2M budget
  • 20 teams involved
  • 300 production sites involved in 35 countries
  • 10,000 users affected around the world
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