Working in the B2B retail industry, our client was growing strongly following the acquisition of another company in the same industry. With this merger and acquisition involving two different ERPs, and without real business intelligence solution in place at the time, our client's needs were multiple: first the decommissioning of duplicate systems, and then a consolidated view of the following departments: Sales, Finance, Logistics and Supply.

Our achievements

In spite of numerous data reconciliation challenges and different charts of accounts, our project team finally managed to set up a complete BI infrastructure and architecture using Microsoft BI tools (SSIS, SSAS), as well as some embedded BI, with the integration of an in-house ERP reporting tool (Telerik / .net). Using the Agile methodology wisely, we delivered analytical cubes for each of the departments identified in the needs analysis, as well as a proof of concept for a Sales dashboard with Tableau software. We also did a lot of education and training work with the in-house team to facilitate the adoption of the solutions developed.


Our approach and deliverables have fulfilled their mission of enabling the customer to gain a consolidated view of the merger and acquisition data and gain greater visibility into Sales, Finance, Logistics and Supply activities. Even more importantly, this first major BI project allowed the development of a data-driven culture in the company; a culture almost nonexistent before. Now, business intelligence has value in the eyes of senior management. Finally, in the context of future acquisitions, our client can rely very easily on the solution developed to integrate new data.

Key figures
  • 10 people (5 agileDSS consultants, 5 employees)
  • 18 months (6 iterations of 3 months)
  • 700K$ budget
  • 4 analytical cubes
  • 8 people trained
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