Domtar is a leading supplier of a wide variety of fiber-based products, including communication paper, specialty and packaging papers, paper pulp and absorbing hygiene products. With nearly 10,000 employees serving customers in more than 50 countries, Domtar is driven by the desire to turn sustainable wood fiber into useful products that people can rely on every day.


Domtar wanted to implement an analytical foundation to centralize and standardize all of its data, helping decisions-making along. Initiated by the Human Resources Department who wanted to analyze the demographic and salary data of its employees, while contextualizing them in a hierarchical way, this foundation has been developed in consideration of the analytical needs of the other divisions.

Organized by agileDSS, in association with Domtar's IT team, this project can now be extended to other business units of the organization as needed. This is the case for the Manufacturing team, which has begun its integration for analytical needs for all of its factories. In the medium term, this foundation will allow the Manufacturing Department to provide an accurate analysis at the level of preventive maintenance, machine productivity, as well as the impact of incidents on the production line.

Our achievements

With data collected from a multitude of heterogeneous human resources and manufacturing systems, this project is complex, not only by the nature of its data, but also by the size and number of stakeholders involved in its implementation.

The first challenge was the integration of all heterogeneous data sources, in terms of vocabulary, business rules, governance, as well as harmonization and standardization.

To address this need, we set up a BI project team, with agileDSS consultants and Domtar employees, and we chose the Agile delivery approach for this project.

A target solution architecture has been clearly defined. This architecture allows to standardize and integrate the data in a canonical structure via a transport layer, in order to obtain a common model for all the source data to be processed.

These data are then loaded according to the principles of the Data Vault 2.0 methodology, up to an analytic repository, helping data consumption along in a secure manner.

Throughout this deployment, several generic principles have been established to make the deployment and support of standard methods for integrating potential data sources easier.


Thanks to this large-scale project, Domtar can now analyze all their Human Resources data, and soon the Manufacturing at the level of all its factories, while maintaining a local flavor.
But above all, this architecture is a very solid and reusable foundation for the data warehouse, which facilitates the introduction of new data sources and also meets the growing information needs within the organization.

Finally, improving the usability of data allowed to extend the adoption of the analytical tools, and to develop a data-driven culture at Domtar, as proved by the very positive response of the various business lines.

Key figures
  • 15 persons in the project team
  • $1M budget
  • 2 years of project


« The contribution of agileDSS to our analytical projects has been fundamental for our organization. We appreciated their adaptability, professionalism and openness. The technical quality of their services allowed us to reach our business objectives and deploy a structuring corporate data management architecture that will support our current and future information needs. »
Benoit Desbiens, Manager Solutions Delivery & Integration Services
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