Our client, the marketing department of a major player in the Canadian telecommunications industry, called on us in the context of launching a brand new product. The objective for them was to be able to control and monitor the campaign and the adoption of the product to support the launching and control program. To do this, data flows had to be changed in order to obtain new data granularity without affecting the existing data flows, in addition to a database migration towards the Netezza platform.

Our achievements

The biggest challenge of the project was the ability to sequence the deliverables to respect delivery deadlines. At the technical level, the integration of multiple data flows without affecting the existing flows was also a major challenge. In order to face all these challenges, we have set up an Agile project management team and built a delivery strategy that would ensure the success of the project: first, we wanted to focus on data enrichment and secondly, on the migration of the flows and the performance of the loads, while relying on the Agile methodology. Thanks to our delivery strategy, we were able to carry out the functional analysis, the new ETL flows (Datastage), as well as the reporting (SAP BO) for the marketing team, without affecting the pre-existing BI structure.


The Agile project management approach we chose proved to be conclusive: the reports that we developed helped to support the marketing department with the campaign's success information and to manage the financial risk of launching the new product. Moreover, this first large project in agility favored the development of a culture of Agile delivery in this company, that was to be widely reused in subsequent projects.

Key figures
  • 9 people (5 agileDSS consultants, 4 employees)
  • 1000 person-days
  • 800K$ budget
  • 100 ETL flows migrated
  • 8 reports delivered
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