In a major canadian company specialized in passenger transportation, the Marketing and the Customer Service departments felt the need to have a 360-degree view of the customer experience to better target marketing campaigns and to respond more effectively and more precisely to customers’ requests. At that time, the company had no centralized data about its customers, and had visibility on only about 15% of customers, which represents its loyal customer base. But even for this small percentage of passengers, it was impossible to track their exact history of interaction with the company.

Our achievements

In order to address this business issue, our team chose to build a foundation to preserve the company's history. Constrained by a short timeframe - 4 months - and supported by the enterprise architect, we chose a Data Vault integration architecture, which allowed us to integrate with SSIS all the data related to customers, and their activities: bookings, transactions, loyalty, etc. Once the foundation was built, we also carried out an important educational work on the credibility of all the data available in this new BI foundation, in order to remove bad habits and promote the adoption of the solution developed.


From a very specific demand of two business lines, the solution that was developed finally allowed to centralize information that can now be used by the whole company. It is not only the Marketing and Customer Service departments who now benefit from relevant customer experience data to increase service quality and generate more sales, but all other departments also have a gold mine of data at their disposal, which they can exploit according to their business needs, to become more '' data-driven ''.

Key figures
  • 17 million transactions loaded
  • 20.5 million customer profiles
  • 2 days for an initial loading of 3 years of transactional data
  • 300 person-days
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